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HALO by Mobile RF is a great American success story based in the heart of the US with offices strategically located across the country.  Originally established with the intent to support the Wireless Carrier infrastructure expansion. Since inception, we have achieved impressive growth through our focus on our customers and their strategic initiatives.  We have a reputation for deploying high performing quality solutions, extraordinary integrity, very competitive pricing, and ongoing customer services and long-term strategic relationships.  Our professional team has extensive experience and leadership skills across multiple wireless industries including Full-Service Integration, Engineering, Wireless Carriers, and Real Estate.

Over the past decade, HALO by Mobile RF has completed multiple acquisitions to add additional expertise, personnel, and resources in Site Acquisition, Public Safety, Security, Fiber and Engineering Services.  We are a Certified Owned Disability Company which benefits our customer’s and Client’s mandates. HALO by Mobile RF is the perfect partner for Real Estate Owners and Developers that are looking to navigate the building wireless and technology infrastructure environment.

Our Advantages

Turnkey Operations

We have your back. Our team of professional project managers, engineers, designers, integrators, installers and inspectors are experts at giving you the services you need to ensure your wireless solution is complete.

Wireless Systems & Networks

We know the industry. We have the skill set to rapidly adapt to new innovations in the field. From facilities to towers, we work with you to determine, define and document the project’s scope and create a customized solution that fits your expectations and your customers’ needs.

Industry Leading Solutions

We know things change. From DAS to SCIP, we have it covered. Our industry experience gives us the ability to provide turnkey in-building wireless and enterprise-wide solutions, customized data, voice and video cabling and cellular tower site innovations, ensuring your end-to-end network remains on the cutting-edge of the wireless industry today and tomorrow.

HALO by Mobile RF is a proud member / partner of the USBLN.