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Delivering State of the Art Wireless Solutions Including In-Building DAS and Small Cells
      • All Carriers Supported
      • In House IBWave Design
      • Baseline Testing
      • Performance Testing
      • Service Testing
      • PIM-Sweep-Fiber
      • Onsite Technical PM
      • Self-Perform Install Crews
      • BTS & RRU Installs
      • Maintenance Management



Initial Consultation

All successful projects start with a defined set of expectations clearly outlined by the customer. Wireless solutions can be very complex and the technologies are constantly evolving. HALO by Mobile RF will help you make the best decisions for your organization now and in the future. Our detailed consultation will define the direction of the project.


Site Survey

Every facility is different. Each presents a unique challenge. Even though buildings can appear to be very similar, they can be constructed of significantly different materials. Concrete walls attenuate signal differently than wood-framed drywall. So each building needs to be inspected. All equipment locations will be located and an inventory of space will be noted. A complete site survey will also be conducted using test devices to determine existing coverage areas. Depending on requirements, you may have the ability to scale your coverage area to those spaces that are coverage challenged.


Based on the data collected from the site survey, we’ll create solutions to provide enhanced coverage to all of the areas required. Indoor antennas will be placed in locations to provide the best coverage possible.


We will contact service providers to determine the closest cell sites and available capacity. Areas without available service outside will need to use base stations (BTS) to generate signal. A link budget will determine what equipment will provide you with the highest level of service.


A project manager will determine a timeline for project completion, providing you with weekly status reports. Our professional team of integrators will install the necessary equipment in your facility. Wiring professionals that regularly work in your facility can be hired to complete cabling, if required or deemed more efficient.


To ensure long-term stability of your new DAS, it will be programmed to run in a state that is not taxing on the equipment. Our engineering team provides the expertise needed to keep your system on-air for the long term.

Monitoring & Maintenance

HALO by Mobile RF Monitoring & Maintenance Services choices includes options for time and materials maintenance to full turnkey annual preventive maintenance, around the clock monitoring, initial alarm diagnosis, emergency dispatch and repair, firmware upgrades, software-defined reporting, alarm trending analysis, and ongoing recurring progress reports.

For more information, please contact:

Tony Schaffer

EVP & Chief Development Officer

Email: Tony.Schaffer@HALODAS.com

Phone: (714) 553-0020

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